Statement of purpose

The Crossfire Academy for Superheroes was established for the purpose of providing information, inspiration, and training to individuals wishing to become part of the Real Life Super Hero (RLSH) Community. Recently the Academy was merged with Supermanís RLSH School to better serve the RLSH community. We recognize that there are many different paths in the RLSH community and that no one path is superior to any other. We recognize the value provided by costumed activists, crime fighters, safety patrollers, hero support personnel, and heroes in training. We recognize that every person has something valuable to offer to this community, and that every person has things they can gain from the community. We attempt to draw from the vast resource of knowledge and experiences in this community to help others find their way in this confusing way of life. We promote the belief that one man can make a difference. We believe that while it may seem impossible to overcome the negative forces in this world, we can turn the tide by increasing the positive around us. We believe that through networking together we can strengthen our individual missions through friendships, gained knowledge, and inspiration. We believe that as a whole, we can be better than the sum of our parts. The Crossfire Academy for Superheroes stands ready to promote the activity of the members of the RLSH community through blogs, videos, podcasts, and any other media resource available. The Crossfire Academy stands ready to challenge each and every member of the RLSH community to strive for greatness, to seek ways to better themselves, and to impact the world around them in positive ways. The Crossfire Academy welcomes you to the RLSH community. Please let us know if we can be of further service.

Sincerely Crossfire the Crusader & Superman

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