Back when D.A.R.P.A. created what became the Internet everyone on it pretty much knew every person or group on it at least by reputation. Now that it's so large and spread world wide, this is no longer the case. You have no concrete way of knowing who or what you are dealing with. Scams and Scoundrels abound making it difficult to trust what you see on line. What's needed is a way to tell the good from the bad on line for folks, groups and businesses. A sort of Underwriters Labratory, Good Housekeeping seal of approval sticker / system so you know who you can trust . The Internet ID card system on The Unreality Lab Site is The Lab's way of doing it. The system has 2 parts. Part 1 is a ID card the person carries with them. The front of the card has the person's picture or corprate / group logo if its a corparation / group card along with a printed direct link to the site its self and the card's number plus a QR symbol giving you a direct link to the holders page. The back of the card lists any pertinent information for the individual or group holder. Things like blood type etc you might need in a clutch situation. This will make it extremely usefull and far more than some Internet play pretty. The card is a 1time issue and does not expire.

Part 2 is a stand alone Internet page for said individual or group. This has 3 sections. Section 1 a copy of the card front and back. This will prevent forgeries as if the site card doesnt match the 1 presented to you its obviously bogus and shouldn't be trusted. Section 2 will list everything the individual / group wants you to know about them . Including pics, links, etc. This section can and will be updated at any time as things change at no charge to the card holder. Sections 1 &2 will be based on information submitted by the card holder(s). Section 3 will list any creditable complaints submitted to us by those who do business or interact with the card holder. While card holders can submit information for sections 1&2 and comment on section 3 they have no direct access to alter said information.

While all the information on line can be altered at will for free there is a nominal 1 time fee of 5 dollars and a SASE envelope to be sent to the Unreality Lab at 14 main street lot #415 Wellsburg NY 14894 for any printed cards. This applies to any card be it a duplicate or replacement or up card to cover ID card manufacturing costs. Not looking to get rich but not intending to go bankrupt either providing cards. The design of all cards will be finalized and approved by the card holder via e mail before payment is recieved and the card(s) sent out.

The way this site is coded any known device that can get on line can access the site. this includes but is not limited to computers, Wii Game consoles and WEB TV set top boxes.   ...