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I donít have to tell folks reading this that there are a lot of rip off sites on line looking to get into your pockets when all you are wanting is a decent ( preferably free) place to hang with your adult friends. Rather than just bitch about it like so many do I decided to make a place. This is it. We will have links to chat areas plus some created specifically for us. Pal Talk, Cam Fuse links, and some others I found are already there. In addition we have a yahoo group site in the mix where others can add links to whatever good things they find out there as well. As said links roll in Iíll know and I will add them to the site for all to see. Now as you browse through the site donít just look as whatís there but think of how you can apply it and make it even better. If you have links to blogs and pics in places like flicker or anywhere else you donít have to pay to reach by all means add them. Just because I made this doesnít mean that I think I am any better than anyone else. We all have good ideas and lets put them here so working together we will have the best free adult site on line.


Site founder and Janitor

Chat Areas Members can visit and hang out in

Pal Talk Site Link

Once you have a pal talk account you can use this link to get into pal talk
rooms without downloading their messenger onto your computer

New Gal Ashley from Detroit Escourts

Adult DomainYahoo Group site

takes you directly to our yahoo group site

Camvoice Text Video and Voice rooms

takes you directly to the free camvoice login

Adult Chat Net

Takesw you directly to the log in

Free Chat Now

takes you to the free chat comunity index

Chat Avenue Free Adult Chat Room

takes you directly to the wide screen Adult Chat Avenue login

Cam Fuze Free Web Cams

takes you directly to the Cam Fuze log in and chat area

Tiny Chat Log In

takes you directly to the Tiny Chat log in area where you can go to or make a room with text sound and video.
If you make the room you will have OPs so you cansay what does and does not go on. 

he11raiseroo1's Personal Chat Room

takes you directly to the Tiny Chat room run by he11raiser001

he11raiser001's Adult Space Blog

he11raiser001's Hamster page Blog

My thoughts etc that didn't have a place before.
If you have a Blog send me the link and I'll add it here.

Chat Step Rooms

Takes you directly to where you can make a
Anonymous chat step room
for exchanging files and pictures and holding conversations

Chaturbate Female Cams

UK Old School Up Skirt Twitter Account

Big Iggy's Hamster Porn

he11raiser001's Hamster porn page
Where i upload stuff from my adventures and stuff from others
who wish to remain nameless for whatever reason

Wildone162's Adult Space Page
This Hot Gracious lady on the Adult Space site has given me permission to add her stuff
to Adult Domain. We are officially co-ed now and I couldn't be happier about it.

X Video's Home Page

Fun Betty's X Video Page

Motherless .Com Porn Page

Collected Links for Members to look at

Free Adult Comic Books #1      Free Adult Comic Books #2 !
Free X Rated Comic Books

A-Z Adult free stories and pic links

Stories XNXX ,com


Custom Hotties
Where you can see a assortment of hot babes in pics and animations

Public Sex Adventures


Juicy Sex Stories

You Porn Free Movies